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Bouldering/Climbing in Salzburg at the Youth Hotel Ennstalerhof

Indoor climbing during your School Sport Week in Austria

Do you love climbing? Then it is good that the Youth Hotel Ennstalerhof has many possibilities for you to live out your climbing dreams. Directly at the Youth Hotel, we have an indoor climbing room.

The climbing room at the Youth Sport Hotel Ennstalerhof is covered in thick soft mats, so you can be sure that nothing will happen to you.

Bouldering in Salzburg

Climbing tests your ability and your strength. Bouldering is not only preparation for climbing out in the open, but it is also a sport in its own right. Who climbs the highest?  And who manages only to grab the red grips?

Bouldering in Salzburg whatever the weather

The great thing about the indoor climbing wall at the Ennstalerhof is that you can use it at anytime and whatever the weather. So even on a rainy day in Altenmarkt- Zauchensee you can be guaranteed that you won’t be bored. Whilst the others train in the fitness room, or sweat it out in the sauna or splash around in the indoor swimming pool, you can prepare for the next day, because you will be going on an exciting cave tour. Or would you prefer to go to the High rope garden or to the Adventure Park? Whatever you decide – Family Scharfetter and team at the Youth Hotel will organise everything for you.

Bouldering in Salzburg at the Youth Sport Hotel Ennstalerhof

Are you a teacher of an active school class or a parent of an adventurous child? Then choose a youth sport week at the Ennstalerhof in Altenmarkt!

Request a free Youth Sport Hotel Ennstalerhof brochure today and send a non-binding inquiry to the Ennstalerhof team in Altenmarkt in Austria today. Soon your school children will be experiencing unforgettable days in Salzburger Land.

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